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The Tanooki Suit first appeared in Super Mario Bros. 3; it is named after Tanukis…a Japanese Raccoon Dog popular in Japanese folklore. If you are not familiar with Tanukis, this Miyazaki produced animated film, Pom Poko, will fill you in on these creatures.

Anyway, back to the Tanooki Suit. It lets Mario and Luigi transform into Tanooki Mario or Tanooki Luigi. It gives the same power up as the Super Leaf, and grants the ability to turn Mario and Luigi into stone statues. Now, you are thinking: Who the hell wants to turn into a stone statue? Hold your horses, yo! Let a brotha explain! When Mario is in the Tanooki Suit, and turns into a stone statue, he is invincible. If he uses that ability in the air, he then can slam down on enemies like Piranhacus Giganticus, Piranha Plants, Spiny Eggs, Venus Fire Traps, Fire Snakes, Thwomps, Podoboos, and Chain Chomps.

In case you were curious, the statue form Mario takes while wearing the Tanooki Suit is Kshitigarbha, also known as Jizo-Bosatsu, the protector of travelers and the guardian of souls. See, who says you don’t learn anything from video games, I just Tanooki’d some knowledge into your thick skulls!

Take a look at the videos below. The first one show glitches in the game and what you can do with the Tanooki Suit. The second video shows Mario beating Bowser Koopa in the Tanooki Suit.

Check it out, Mario be hacking, yo!

Dude, Mario layin’ the smack down on Bowser!

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